Letting Go; Teachings From The Trees

Letting go.

The trees are so deep and wise. They go through cycles with the season, like we do, whether we know it or not. The trees are rooted into the earth and grow strong and tall. The trees grow leaves to receive light and nutrients from the sun.Their branches wave and dance in the wind. The wind and weather can be gentle, calm, or harsh. Like the wind, life can also be gentle or harsh. The trees don’t let it affect them too much. They just move with the wind. They don’t resist it. Sometimes the harshness of the wind causes the trees to loose leaves or even branches. They trees continue to grow from these losses. When the time is right, they drop the leaves that turn brown and turn their energy inward, into the roots. Autumn is a transitional phase of leaves that were bright and lively turning brown and dying. As winter comes the trees lose their leaves and turn their energy inward, toward their roots. This season is also a time for use, as humans, to turn inward and focus on what we want to cultivate within ourselves. A time for inward reflection and cultivation toward what we want to release and what we want to grow. Spring comes and the fruits of our inward toil comes to fruition.

Letting go is not easy for humans. Why? If we knew that letting go didn’t mean forgetting, it meant growing, would we have such a hard time with it?

Sometimes we have to let go of those things or people that no longer serve us and our life dream. Letting go and knowing that we are moving forward in our personal growth can be rejuvenating. I have learned, in my many struggles, that it seems that the process of letting go is challenging and heartbreaking even. Yet, the rewards are exponentially gratifying. There is a part of letting go that can be most daunting; TRUST. Trust that letting go, things will still work out in our favor. They might not. Yet, letting go and trusting God, Spirit, the Universe, is freeing. Move with the wind. Do not let it affect the core of who you are. Do not let it uproot you. Stand tall and strong in the knowing of who you are and where you stand. The wind will pass and if you resist it, it may break you. Move with it and it will only cause that which was dead to fall anyway.

You see, we have purpose. Regardless, if we struggle, control, or let go, we will still be led toward our purpose on this earth. The thing is, the more we trust this, the more we learn to let go, the easier that path gets. When we try and control this journey, we may be led down paths that are more challenging in order to learn lessons.

I truly feel that one of our lessons to learn is how to trust and let go of control. That is why I feel it is a hard thing to do. It isn’t in our nature to let go and allow things to happen. Trusting can be hard. We must learn to trust ourselves first.

Some that I have spoken with feel that letting go is like relinquishing power. Yes, a bit, but to whom? I believe I am letting go to let the higher power to control my life, and allowing this is more like trusting myself, and knowing that I have a grander purpose in this life.

I learned how to let go. I am still learning. Yet, when I did, I found it wasn’t easy, but it provided much more clarity. I was able to take more from an observer role in life and see how it all connects. I see now that if it is meant to be, it will be, whether I try to make that so or not. It can be a much more challenging path to follow if I am making the calls. I cannot see an eagle’s perspective, but God can. What may seem like the right thing, in my fears, is not always the best thing for the long run. When I have let go, I was able to see that things are happening and my control was only resisting the change. It was like I was trying to hold onto the dead leaves. I tried to put energy into something that was already dead instead of refocusing my energy on what is alive.


Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. The point in between is where silence lies. The letting go is the hardest. Our human nature wants to control the situation. I created it. I can control it. Yet, if we hold onto the inhale, the pressure builds until we can’t hold it anymore, than we gasp for air. The letting go allows for more air. What if we allowed the breath to easily exhale and prepare for the next inhale?

Meditation is a good way to take more of an observer role and feel more, notice more, react less. Being non-judgmental of what comes up and accepting our thoughts & feelings, and then letting it go, letting it pass.


Courage is Essential in Being Great

In honor of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and all the other great leaders.

How blessed I feel to have role models of great leadership. Stepping up and stepping out, being vulnerable and strong is not an easy feet. The great leaders had courage to stand for what they believed. They all, Gandhi, Dalai Llama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, Harriet Tubman, and many more, had the courage to speak about what they truly believed to be for the greater good of all.

They all stepped through the door of fear to reach for the light. And in their perseverance of what they felt to be true and right, they knew that it could cost them their lives. Each day is a blessing. It can be scary to step into a leadership role. It can be daunting to know that many people will not agree with you and may speak words of hate to you. A true leader still stands strong, unwavering. Like a warrior. Knowing when to fight and when to stand in the silence. A great leader is an inspiration for many to feel empowered.

What are you doing to help the greater good? To speak for those that do not have voices? To be strong for those that are weak?

I ponder these questions for myself. I find I fear power. I know that ego and the powers of money, sex and power itself are strong. I am scared I won’t be stronger enough. I know this to be my own door of fear to step through as I step into a role of leadership. To have power is to empower others and be inspirational, to live a life of love and light. We are all beautiful and wonderful. We all have gifts and talents that we are here to spread and use in a way that benefits the greater good.

I have been stepping into a teacher role and finding it is the greatest learning for myself. Being vulnerable, courageous, compassionate, and integral are essential character qualities of a leader. Right use of power in a good, true and beautiful way is also essential to achieve my goals and dreams. I willingly except this and choose to step through the door, beyond my fears, and embrace the possibilities. I choose to speak for the other species that inhabit this land we inhabit. I choose to speak for the children that need our help to create a loving world and for freedom. I choose to be a reflection of love for all those I meet each day.

Thank you, great leaders, for setting good examples. Thank you, Spirit, for giving me life to live with choice, and I choose to step out into the world, using the gifts and talents you blessed me with. I willingly and graciously accept the challenges.

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It’s moving fast but not in my time

It’s moving fast. Oh, the anticipation.

It’s all moving fast enough, life that is. Yet, I find myself aching to see more of the future NOW. All the while, I’m teaching others how to be mindful and live in the present moment.

I’m excited about tomorrow, which is great, and I also know that today is what makes tomorrow, it is a stepping stone, an integral piece. For, without today, there would be no tomorrow. So, I am working on being present and excited about this very moment with anticipation, like a child on Christmas eve, for the tomorrow. Can I hold that space? Can I hold that energy? I am working on the How and testing that, while noticing my emotions, feelings, and thoughts, in this process.

More lessons on letting go are arising in my life, externally and internally. Change is coming and the unknown is just that. It can be scary when the future and the change is so unknown. Yet, knowing that everything has a reason, whether I like it or not, whether I understand it or not, helps. And I also know that when I try and control the change, the dislikes, the things I don’t understand, is when resistance arises.

I have learned that by letting go and allowing the change, while remaining in observation, in non-attachment, in non-judgement, the change can be like watching a flower grow and bloom. It can be like observing a mama robin laying her eggs and waiting patiently for the eggs to hatch. All in the time of nature, all in God’s time, this miracles unfold. When I want the process to be in my own time, ego takes over and problems arise.

I actively choose now to be grateful and happy for what is, and excited for what is to come. I choose now to allow the process to unfold in it’s own time and I remain a grateful observer as part of this process.

Let go of illusions

Let go of illusions

You so fiercely hold on to.

A breathe of air after a near drowning,

broken and defeated.

To live is to find happiness,

within self,

to fill the pockets of hurt and fear,

the old stories replayed over and over.

Let go.

Alas, the drastic point broke my blindness.

Shattering it, rays of light shone through,

To allow me to see,


I just can not fathom

Originally written 7-17-2009

Edited 1-9-14

I just can not fathom

Ever heard that expression before? Yes, sometimes our human brains can’t seem wrap itself around certain concepts. Typically, yet not exclusively, these concepts in my life are about Spirituality and Science. I know that not everyone is supposed to be able to grasp the concepts of the universe or we would be gods.

If you have ever taken a chemistry or physics class you well understand that theories and terms are merely charts, maps, or calendars to help our brain better grasp a concept that really can’t be explained in words. Does this make sense? For instance, the molecular orbital theory cannot fully explain how molecules interact, which is why it is a theory, and one that we have to try and understand the action of certain “things” that go on around us. (It’s a cool theory. It is even used to explain why some molecules do not exist. Try and wrap your brain around that one!) At any rate, the makeup of matter, of nature, of humans, has long been studied and merely theorized to explain the hows and whys. What we do know, among many other things, is that all matter has energy, and that is considered a Law.  We, as humans, are part of this, as is the earth we stand on and the creatures that surround us. We are just another creature that is an integral part of the web of life. But, “SSshhhhh….,don’t tell everyone that they aren’t as important as they think they are.” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Humans are in a time where we, as a species, have become so far removed from this earth and have become so self-centered. Focusing on materialism, money, and power, we cannot seem to notice the difference between our head and our, well, you know. Ever wonder why health problems and new diseases are on the rise? Ever wonder how we got to the point where global warming has become a fact to most everyone,not just the the hippies?

For centuries, we humans have been making our death bed and if we don’t do something about it, we will be lying in it….real soon. You see, we seem to have blinders on like a race horse with one mission in mind. Ever stopped to think that if we don’t think about how we are destroying earth and the creatures of the earth that we will not have a future for our worries to be played out? Not only should we be concerned about the future of the human race, more importantly, Mother Nature can do a whole lot more for the human race than we can do for her. Actually, some think they are here to rule her yet, she will show us differently. Mother Nature is like God. Let me make myself very clear here; LIKE God. And this is what I mean by that: We must recognize her first, then notice the details. Notice. Listen. And give thanks for all she provides, and then do anything in our power to listen and observe and follow. If we do this, she can show us things that we never imaged. She can even heal our hurts, and return our Being back to awareness of what is true, and how to SLOOOWWW DOOOOWWWNNN.

Reoccurring Theme- heart shaping

Through current conversations with near and dear friends there seems to be a reoccurring story and theme that shows up. I thought I should share this with a broader audience, figuring it may also be helpful for others.

I read a story and the thing that stood out to me was this:

‘When we look at past and current relationships, often we see and feel the hurt, anger, and guilt surrounding them.’

What came for me around this is that relationships have been a good mirror for me in my self love and growth. When I see the hurt, the anger, the guilt, this is all a reflection of where I am not forgiving myself and honoring the process. I also see how each relationship as been a huge stepping stone for me in my personal teachings/learnings, and I wish to respect and honor them as such. Therefore, I give thanks for these relationships and think now about how I wish to be present in them and see this reflection and honor the process. This statement helps me be more gracious and loving in the letting go process for myself and the other person involved, knowing that this beautiful step is helping me and them, so I choose now to honor that with love and respect.

In joy