This is Not Normal

There are drastic shifts and changes happening at a faster rate all over the world. Have you noticed?
It is important not to normalize the abnormal.
In latest news, talks from the White House about the effects of climate change such as herbicide resistant weeds, flooding, decreased crops, increase in wildfires, and much more. There are, indeed, more natural disasters than ever before. There are large numbers of species dying off without known cause. An increase in cancer, shootings, and the thing that moves me to tears right now is the mass kidnapping of 300 Nigerian girls that are to be sold on the market by an Islamist militant group. Sold! As a commodity for sex. Just imagine that for a moment, will you?
Read this short article from CNN and notice how some are normalizing it:

This is NOT NORMAL!!
It is imperative that we recognize what is going on and take action. See where you can be of service or donate to those who are. (
And many others

*see NoVo Foundation for organizations they support.

We need to stand together, in community and help. We need to work collaboratively at a grassroots level and educate others, support others, and learn to love more.