And can you lean into the struggles?

Almost every morning you can find me in a park in Seattle doing my daily practice that includes yoga, reading poetry or meditations, writing, and/or contemplating.  Being in a public park can be an interesting place to do all this. I never know who or what is going to come into this world with me. I learn something every day about myself and the world around me. Today, for example, I looked up from my notebook and there he was, staring back at me with these big eyes. Well, big for him, tiny for me. This young vibrant green grasshopper was sitting on my knee. I told him thanks for joining me and that he was welcome here. I just sat and observed him for a bit as he preened his legs. He was missing his front right leg and I found that he used his front right antennae to help himself balance as he preened his back left legs. This position reminded me of a yoga pose. (see below)

Challenge of the day: Being in my own space with all my being and not caring what others think of me. I mean, think about it, here I am in a public park with a cat on a yoga mat with me. On top of that, now my hand is in front of my face with this grasshopper on it, but passersby can’t see him so how weird and funny I must look.

What I learned:  I learn almost daily to stay focused and not care what others think of me. If they are really curious, they are welcome to ask questions. I also learned how to deal with adversity with creativity and gentility from this grasshopper. Grasshoppers also teach us how to take a leap of faith into unknown territory with fearlessness.

I shall keep learning from the land and the creatures around me. This space prepares me for my day, for a day of hustle and bustle, bike commuting through a congested and booming city, and then come into work in calmness and presence for my clients. I provide a respite for them and a place where they can rid themselves of their stress. If I didn’t have this practice, this time, I would be just as frazzled as everyone else. I encounter the same stressors as everyone else, I just breathe, and lean into it, relax into it, let go, trust my higher self, and breathe.  I find that I hold this stress and tension in my muscles as well. I listen to this and breathe and feel it and relax into it and allow space for my muscles to let go and unwind. Here is a meditation to help you also lean into the tension and learn to relax into it.

Today’s Yoga pose:

Beginners- Elephant trunk poses with Yoga Asana Lab

Advanced- Grasshopper pose with Kino

Today’s Meditation: (see my blog on my business page)

Today’s Poem: Mary Oliver’s There is a Place Beyond Ambition pg.6 of Red Bird

When the flute players

couldn’t think of what to say next

they laid down their pipes,

then they lay down themselves

beside the river

and just listened.

Some of them, after a while,

jumped up

and disappeared back inside the busy town.

But the rest-

so quiet, not even thoughtful-

are still there,

still listening.


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