In Honor of Venus Retrograde

In honor of Venus in retrograde and the Blue Moon:

Attraction can be a distraction

Just take a look at the birds of paradise.

Distraction isn’t a bad thing either. Think of it as more of a place where you can relax and enjoy. In these days, where time is a hot commodity, it is time to see where you need focus, and where you can be distracted. Go get distracted (or focused) on your own internal love. See your beauty and ask it what it is seeking, or what has it found that you have not yet brought into consciousness, or made enough time for.  Venus is about love and beauty and those are wonderful things. In this time of retrograde, we are being called to go inward and feel our self-love and see our beauty. Contemplate the questions:

When/where/with whom do I need focus?

And when/where/with whom can I allow distraction?

Distraction can be creative space or resting place

When/where/with whom do I create? (music, writing, ideas, etc)

Where do you need to create time and space for those that love? And where do you need to create time to love (or learn to love) yourself?

Silence can speak loudly if you let silence speak.

In honor of Venus in retrograde,

Take time to go inward to the heart of your passions, your loves.

See what/whom you need to get rid of and what is important to you.

Venus is traveling to the underworld, but that doesn’t have to be scary. Be curious and aware.

And know, with all your heart that, just like the ending of every good love story,

Love will reign and it will all be ok.

Let silence speak through your heart.

Be curious and ask; How do I balance the loves of my life?

P.S.-Remember to include YOU in that equation.

Reading and reflecting of the day from Arriana Huffington’s book, Thrive. Pg 25 of the Well-being chapter:

“I began to reflect on what really caused me to leave [work]. If a woman doesn’t really like her job, she may be less willing or able to juggle work and family responsibilities. If she is fully engaged in her work, the juggling act may be worthwhile.” – Caroline Turner

What I got from this reading: How can I create a life where my work is sustainable AND I have room/time for family and myself? I must prepare a room for this. What does that look like? What do I want that to look like? And how do I create that with what I have and where I am currently?  I am learning how to be successful (What does that mean to me?) within a life that allows me time mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for my greatest loves. There is a time and place for everything, I just need to know where/when/with whom those spaces work for me, and then create that! And be willing to let go of the loves that don’t have time for me.

Poem of the day:            Mary Oliver’s Invitation from Red Bird

Oh do you have time

to linger

for just a little while

out of your busy

and very important day

for the goldfinches

that have gathered

in a field of thistles

for a musical battle,

to see who can sing

the highest note,

or the lowest,

or the most expressive of mirth,

or the most tender?

their strong, blunt beaks

drink the air

as they strive


not for your sake

and not for mine

and not for the sake of winning

but for sheer delight and gratitude-

believe us, they say,

it is a serious thing

just to be alive

on this fresh morning

in this broken world.

I beg of you,

do not walk by

without pausing

to attend to this

rather ridiculous performance.

It could mean something.

It could mean everything.

It could be what Rilke meant, when he wrote:

You must change your life.

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